1. Follow the Butterflies


    They come just before a life-altering journey…

    Fingers trembling on the flight to Australia with 25 new friends
    Eyes reluctantly accepting sleep the night before the first day of college
    Heart flickers with electric touches as green and brown eyes meet before a first kiss
    Breath catching as the doors opens for the first day of yoga teacher training
    Knees weak and eyes blurry with tears as the…

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  2. Can I steal this backyard from the people I babysit for?? #bumbles #ferns #garden #greengreengreen (at Loch Raven Water Shed)

  3. #childrenofthemoon #freedom #IsabelAllende #EvaLuna (at Loch Raven Water Shed)

  4. Meet my brother the rock star 🎸🎶 @big.dill he’s fickin awesome (at Ottobar)

  5. Working in #theoffice! Kids peace yoga classes in the works 😄 yayyy (at Loch Raven Water Shed)

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  6. Wishing I were a mermaid #jellies #aquarium #nannylife (at National Aquarium)

  7. #sunrise from Masada, Israel

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  8. #babyshroom (at Isaac Walton League)

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  9. at Isaac Walton League


  10. Playful Adventures


    As a child I daydreamed about living in the endless woods behind my house. The notion of living with the land and creatures, to be enveloped in the greatness of Mother Earth, gripped me and sparked my imagination.

    My family instilled these values in me and I was lucky to spent many weekends camping, fishing, and canoeing with my family. Highlights of my childhood consisted of: watching my…

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