1. #seacrets #salbeeslastdance #bachelorette (at Seacrets: Jamaica USA)

  2. Hey girl heyyyyy 👯 #salbeeslastdance #ocmd #LDW

  3. Dylan’s not happy about you leaving for college @big.dill

    #angrymegacat #dylanthebearcat #kittens #furbaby (at Loch Raven Water Shed)

  4. "The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance." - Alan Watts.

    Jump in and move through the flow with me at @sidyoga in fed hill:
    || Mondays at 6:45 ||
    || Tuesdays at 8:15 ||
    || Wednesdays at 6:45 ||

    xo (at koh tao, thailand 🌺🌴)

  5. mandala coloring :: @kghedges @thesacredsisterhood

  6. 'Live through consciousness, not through emotion.' consciousness is purposeful ad thoughtful while emotion is reactive… #yogitea always has little nuggets of awesomeness ☺️ #happymonday xo

  7. Yoga teachers get backstage passes at @hotaugustmusicfestival 😍#hotaugustmusicfestival #yogatecherperks #ohhyea (at Oregon Ridge Park)

  8. That time in #KohTao when there were puppies in a bucket… #bestdayever


  9. Full Moon Beams: Rein in & Radiate

    Full Moon Beams: Rein in & Radiate

    There’s a reason why there are so many cultural and religious mythologies surrounding the coming of the full moon. Not only is Luna magnificent to witness in her bright, swelling mass, but she possesses power over the water of the earth. Her magnetic gravity pulls world’s oceans and waters toward her, altering the tides. In her power over the water, she holds a certain grasp on humans as well, as…

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  10. Happy graduation baby bro! @big.dill #fierce

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